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Welcome To Resilicore

Resilicore  provides the full lifecycle of Business & IT consulting services in the Performance Management space from up-front advice on strategy through to the design, development and maintenance of software and systems.

We work with many leading commercial and government organizations in the following areas:

Growth Advisory

Helping clients achieve business growth across areas such as acquisitions and divestitures,  concept development, market expansion, strategic partnerships, management support, corporate restructuring, process improvement and finance.


  • Business / Finance Strategy
  • Customer Insights–big Data
  • Sales & Marketing Effectiveness
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Channel Management
  • Benchmarking
  • Add a point


  • Business Valuations
  • Raising Finance
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Event Preparation: IPO, Acquisition, Divestiture
  • Management Buy-outs/Ins
  • Post Merger Integration
  • Technology Optimization

Performance Management

Help finance and business executives streamline their functions, invest in new technologies, groom-for-growth and innovation, and improve decision support to enable them to become true business partners.

Corporate Performance

  • Strategic Planning
  • Budgeting And Control
  • Forecasting and Rolling Forecasts
  • Capital Planning
  • Cost Optimization
  • Cash and Liquidity Forecasting
  • Operating Models

Systems & Information 

  • Roadmaps & Architecture
  • Cyber Security Preparation
  • Systems Selection
  • Requirements Planning
  • Cloud/SaaS systems Implementation
  • Add a point
  • Add a point

Business Analytics & Insights

We specialize in helping clients develop actionable insights based on a deep understanding of their business data. Our expertise spans assessing what happed and why (Business Intelligence), where you should be (Predictive Analysis), and how you do this effectively (infrastructure design and execution).

Reporting & Custom Analytics 

  • Reporting Statutory & Management
  • Management And Operating Metrics
  • KPI Design/Development
  • Balanced Scorecards
  • Consolidations
  • Revenue Recognition

Disputes & Litigation 

  • Business income/loss
  • Loss of income/earnings
  • Business valuation
  • Misappropriation of assets
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Exposing undisclosed links between subjects and witnesses

Interim Finance and Accounting (CFO and Controller)

Small and medium-sized companies and not-for-profit (NFP) entities are often not in a position to hire a full-time CFO or Financial Planning and Analysis Leader. Those with CFO’s often need an adviser who understands their business model and can move quickly to organize their financials and reporting requirements, so they don’t waste valuable time.

Interim CFO and Finance Leader Services

  • Strategic and Operating plans
  • Financial & Management Reporting
  • Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting
  • Identifying and resolving problem spending
  • Decision support of key initiatives
  • Business expansion or contraction

Controller Services

  • Closing Company Books
  • Reconciliations
  • Equity Accounting
  • Tax Planning
  • Flash Reporting / Financial Statements
  • Technology Integration – ERP, Consolidation, Reconciliation, Treasury
  • Governance Risk and Compliance

Enabling Capabilities

Resilicore offers a number of services to help your planned project to be launched in a timely manner.

Strategic Change Management

Change Management speeds up the adoption rate of any type of initiative and is found at the key of our methodology. We apply case for change, Stakeholder Analysis, Change readiness, and Communications at both strategic as well as tactical levels.

Project Management

The professionals at Resilicore have the expertise required to effectively manage large, sophisticated projects as well as initiatives. We follow a pragmatic approach especially tailored to specific circumstances. Our project managers and program are highly trained to make sure that all risks, issues, interdependencies, and change proposals are properly managed by a proven process & critical path.  We have also gathered immense experience in managing complex transformation programs, especially those that require attention to the core areas, such as content management, transition/migration management, and the management of cultural change, in addition to the more architectural issues, including metadata definition, n-tier architecture, and channel strategies and management.

Implementation Approach

Our consulting engagements follow tried and tested methodologies designed to ensure success. Each engagement delivered will include one or more step from the Implementation Approach diagrammed below. By breaking engagements into steps you are able to see measurable results at key increments during the process

Analytics Insights

Resilicore fields an analytics practice to effectively manipulate, analyze, and model complex data to deliver the required intelligence needed for most favorable decision-making. At Resilicore, we design, build and maintain various advanced analytics solutions, which comprise of numerous techniques, including:

  • Pricing Analytics
  • Sales Loss Analysis
  • Campaign Management Analytics
  • Sales Forecasts
  • Shared Services Chargeback Analyses

Business Process Transformation

Resilicore’s transformation tools and methods allow customers and their partners to develop business solutions of an immensely adaptive as well as responsive nature based on their needs. These powerful tools assist in streamlining the full transformation process by offering a single yet comprehensive business model in which all processes, people, and technology work in harmony.

We apply our proprietary Industry Component Process Design (ICPD) models along with leading best practices and adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure a solution to your problem is developed. We will provide assistance in areas such as process improvement or redesign, which will be applicable across all types of industries.