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Reporting and Custom Analytics 

Resilicore’s integrated reporting and analytics solutions are built on a best of breed platform that increases the accuracy of dynamic enterprise data and delivers actionable information—increasing your confidence in the foundation of key business decisions. Our consultants employ functional and technical expertise to understand your reporting and analytics requirements and provide a solution that can be tailored to enable your company. With accurate, predictive reporting and analytics, you can find patterns and insights hidden deep inside your enterprise data, giving you a competitive advantage in the market.

Advanced Reporting & Custom Analytics

  • Financial Crime Target Operating Model Design
  • Data Visualization – Dashboards for Senior Management
  • Budget, Forecast Reporting and Analysis
  • External Guidance Reporting – GAAP, SEC, IFRS
  • Reporting Technology Implementation
  • Consolidation and Close Process Metrics
  • Time Series Modelling & Forecasting
  • Fraud & Collections Analytics
  • Simulations (e.g.. Monte Carlo)
  • Retention and Attrition (Customer, Employee) Analytics
  • Propensity Modelling; Churn, Cross-sell, Up-sell, Default, Conversion / Uptake
  • Management Reporting – Cash-flow, Benchmarks, Projections, Key Driving Indicators, Profitability

Predictive & Descriptive Analytics

  • Profitability Stress Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance, Leading Indicators
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Workforce Planning Analytics
  • Fraud Pattern Analytics
  • Advanced Scenario Modeling
  • Driver Based Planning
  • Pattern and Linkage Analytics
  • Activity Based Costing Analytics
  • In-process Analytics (M&A, Working Capital, etc.)
  • Customer – Personalization, Churn, Segmentation, Loyalty, Spend, Life-time Value

Relevant Cases

  • Building Maintenance – Integrated Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting

    Client Situation

    Lack of standardization throughout the company in regard to Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) covering the business drivers

    Excessive manual steps in the planning and consolidation processes

    No integration of planning, internal, and external reporting

    Solution Provided

    • Assisted client in developing overall concept and software selection
    • Organized conceptual requirements workshops
    • Assisted the client with identification of business drivers and KPI’s
    • Assisted the client in development of management and operating dashboards and performance indicators
    • Assisted the client in developing standard and ad hoc reports
    • Assisted client in developing software implementation plan


    • Increased efficiency of planning and reporting processes
    • Common KPI’s throughout the company and subsidiaries covering the business drivers
    • Integrated Management Information System for planning, consolidation, and reporting, based on the consistent data
  • Consumer Beverages- Channel and Profitability Analysis

    Client Situation

    A food and beverage company ability to remain a going concern was challenged by low cost competitors, low profits and low consumption

    Solution Provided

    • Definition of the problem areas – sales, margins, competitors
    • Ability to visualize root causes of sales losses and wins
    • Conducted comprehensive cost optimization
    • Conducted robust channel profitability and customer value analytics
    • Refinement of the selling process


    • Materially assisted in positioning products to customers resulting in 3x increase in profitable sales
    • Helped research and acquire key customers by making better deals
    • Reduced costs of inventory by better warehouse cost management