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Interim CFO and Controller Services

Small and medium-sized companies are often not in a position to hire a full-time CFO or Financial Planning and Analysis Leader. Those with CFO’s often need an adviser who understands their business model and can move quickly to organize their financials and reporting requirements, so they don’t waste valuable time.  Resilicore is in a unique position to meet this need. We can take complete responsibility for the financial side of your business, or we can function purely as your part-time CFO, managing your existing staff. Every business is different, and we custom design our services and solutions accordingly.

Interim CFO Services include (but not limited to)

  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Audit Preparation Services
  • Cash Management
  • Assist with Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Developing and Analyzing Business Plans

Interim Controller Services

  • Prepare regular financial reports
  • Organize company for fundraising opportunities
  • Assist in due diligence for acquisitions or fundraising
  • Protect company’s assets through internal control and auditing
  • Ensure information availability for tax returns
  • Monitoring of, and compliance with, government regulations
With Our Interim Finance Leaders, you get:
  • Senior level managers with at least twenty years of business experience of which over ten is senior level financial.
  • A CFO who is a member of your company so that anything we do considers your entire organization.
  • Supervision and mentoring of your financial staff so they can perform at the highest level.
  • An approach where we share our experience with your team and learn from them.
  • A fixed amount charged each month so there are no surprises in our month-to-month costs.
  • A team that is always available to you.
  • Focused attention on your business always with appreciation of your cash position.
 What differentiates us from other providers?
  • We become permanent members of your team.
  • We are not a single-project oriented resource since we take a holistic approach to solving your problems.
  • We are not outsiders looking in because we become a fully integrated part of your organization.
  • We do not make recommendations and expect you to carry them out without our involvement.
  • We do not bill you for every encounter.

Relevant Cases

  • Commercial Building Services Firm

    Client Situation

    Client needed a strong CFO to look into specific issues:

    • Lack of processes and controls related to information exchanged between the Divisions and Corporate
    • Lack of shared access to management reports
    • Non-integrated financial systems, requiring manual feeds from Excel schedules / system databases

    Solution Provided

    • Managed accounting and IT staff to achieve dramatic results in a short time frame.
    • Assisted in the identification of process inefficiencies, redundancies, and inter-dependencies
    • Assisted in defining the report format and key measures to assess performance at all levels of the company
    • Assisted in defining an automated financial consolidation, reporting, and analysis package


    • We provided recommendations for improving the planning, forecasting, and reporting processes
    • We clearly defined reporting criteria for effective management reporting
    • We provided a detailed RFI and RFP to client based on requirements blueprint to towards the implementation of a Performance Management system
    • We helped implement the integration of the new Consolidation and Budgeting system
  • Hotel and Motel Industry - IPO readiness

    Client Situation

    We were hired by a client to assist with controllership and finance readiness for Initial Public Offering (IPO) services

    Our services included augmenting the CFO’s staff with key personnel to assist in the IPO readiness efforts

    Solution Provided

    • Resilicore was retained to evaluate the company’s current state against requirements to operate as a public company;  develop tools and processes to aid with reporting, timelines driven by milestones, and detailed workplans and checklists.
    • Resilicore worked with the company to establish an IPO project management office; set up governance, team structure, and reporting structure and processes; and created ownership and accountability amongst the various work streams.


    • The client decided against the IPO choosing instead to sell itself to another private equity portfolio.  The valuation our client received on the sale was at multiples higher than expected