Resilicore LLC Selected by CFO TechOutlook Magazine as a Top 10 Corporate Performance Service Provider in 2016!

Forward on CFO TechOutlook Magazine for November 2016

Today, business operations are complex and agility is paramount for being able to constantly analyze key performance indicators and take corrective measures against strategic initiatives that are failing to fulfill set goals. In such scenarios, Corporate Performance Management (CPM) tools can help organizations streamline their on-going processes and derive insights valuable while formulating future strategies. Modern CPM allows companies to make measured forecasts leading to higher fulfillment of business goals. They enable cost-optimization by injecting efficiency into every process through better informed decisions and well formulated strategies.

While CPM solutions are not new, the edge newer technologies brought into the space are causing businesses to revisit their current CPM capabilities. First, there is the growing interest in predictive capabilities: Rather than knowing what impacted their business processes, companies now seek to foresee what will impact their processes in the future. As to anyone’s guess, big data and analytics at this point make their presence felt in the currently available solutions. Second, cloud liberates companies from maintaining costly infrastructure for CPM solutions on-premise and shelling out big bucks for upgrades as their businesses grow.

This edition of CFO Tech Outlook aims to give the readers insight on major Corporate Performance Management solutions providers that have demonstrated strong capabilities in helping organizations navigate this complex, yet promising landscape.

A distinguished panel of CIOs, CEOs, VCs, analysts and the editorial board of CFO Tech Outlook has distilled the final 10 companies.  We present to you the Top 10 Corporate Performance Management Solution Providers 2016.


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